The Realms of the Gods

Author  Tamora Pierce
Series  The Immortals
Date Released  1 January 1996
Rating ★★★★★

I reviewed Wild Magic, the first book in The Immortals, a few days ago. The Realms of the Gods is the THIRD book in the series, and the reasons I’m skipping Wolf-Speaker for now are a) I don’t own it because b) Realms is my favorite book in the series because Daine is so clueless sometimes that it’s hilarious.

Quick intro: Teenage Veralidaine, who has “wild magic” (she can talk to and heal animals), and her teacher, super-powerful mage Numair, are dragged into the Divine Realms by Daine’s parents (father = hunting god, mother = human turned healer goddess) in the middle of a battle against evil immortals fighting for the goddess of Chaos, which they are losing. After spending some time with Daine’s parents (she’d never met her dad before, and her mother had been killed (as a human) a few years ago), Daine and Numair travel across the Divine Realms, where all the plants and animals are gods, and all are involved in a war against Uusoae, the Queen of Chaos. They acquire some interesting little beastie friends that can spy on their enemies in the Mortal Realms. Daine & Numair go through some changes in their relationship (SPOILER: Daine is so oblivious that Numair has been in love with her for a while, but he’s 11 years older than her so he thought she might think he was weird or something). They get a ride out of the Divine Realms from some dragons because Daine’s been taking care of a baby dragon so they trust her a little bit, and they fight some battles against the evil immortal dudes. I won’t tell you how it ends, but there’s a fourth book…

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Song of the Lioness

Author  Tamora Pierce
Books in the Series
  1. Alanna: The First Adventure
  2. In the Hand of the Goddess
  3. The Woman Who Rides Like a Man
  4. Lioness Rampant
Date Released  1983-1988
Rating ★★★★★
This is another favorite of mine, just to start out my blog. My name is Alena, so, on my middle school library’s bookshelves, Alanna popped out. I picked it up, and the character on the front cover had red hair, like me, and she wanted to become a knight, which seemed pretty awesome and interesting to read. I never really put the series back down again, checking it out continually, over and over again, until I graduated middle school (and then I had younger sister check them out for me over the summer so I could enjoy the cover art for a few more months…see edition below). It was the first series I ever read that I was actually truly invested in and introduced me to Tamora Pierce’s work. I’ll be reviewing this series in one post because I read them all pretty much as one book.
Quick intro: At age eleven, Alanna of Trebond and her twin brother Thom are supposed to go learn to be a lady at a convent and a knight at the capital city (Corus), respectively, but neither has any interest in the path their distracted father has chosen for them, so they switch places (Alanna disguises herself as a boy to become a page and Thom goes to the convent, still as a boy, to learn to be a sorcerer).  Alanna struggles through her time as a page and then a squire, making friends with the prince of the realm, Prince Jonathan, and his comrades, as well as the King of Thieves of Corus, George Cooper. Alanna plans to reveal her true identity after she has earned her shield as a knight, but a few people close to her figure it out early (it’s fine. they like her). She becomes an extremely good swordsman and fighter and learns to control her strong magical Gift. Thom, her twin, becomes the youngest master sorcerer, like, ever. After she becomes a knight, she battles an evil sorcerer, who messes with her life and the lives of the people around her. She goes on adventures in the desert, teaches children how to fight and do magic, learns from a master of hand-to-hand fighting, fights her own heart as feelings develop (she never wanted  to fall in love, just become a hero), and makes a place for herself in a changing world (she causes most of the change herself), becoming a legend across the realms.

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Wild Magic

Author  Tamora Pierce
Series  The Immortals
Date Released  1 December 1992
Rating ★★★★☆

Another favorite author (I’ll throw in a few non-favorites eventually), Tamora Pierce! Okay, so this series was written before I was born, but that doesn’t make me love it any less. Tamora Pierce became one of my favorite authors back in 2011, and I just kind of read and re-read every single book in the Emelan and Tortall universes until I basically had them memorized. Sadly, the editions I was reading from my school’s library became my favorites, but they were really hard to find so I have about half of her books, but maybe not in those editions I loved.

ANYways…Quick intro: Veralidaine Sarrasri, or just Daine, only had her mother and grandfather and her animal friends to keep her company, until bandits attacked and only Daine and her horse survived. Daine has “wild magic” meaning she’s really good with animals. Like, superhero-level good. She gets a job with a horse lady who works with the queen of Tortall (who’s pretty cool herself) and nurses this hawk back to health and it turns out to not be a hawk, but this kinda weird mage dude named Numair who’s super powerful and wants to teach Daine some interesting magicky stuff. They all travel to Tortall and help with the military “irregular” trainees (the Queen’s Riders, let girls & boys join, hunt bandits). Of course, there’s a problem when all these immortal monster things start getting out of the Divine Realms where they had been trapped for a few centuries and they cause some trouble. Daine turns out to be a big help and makes a lot of new friends, human and animal alike.

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