Shatter Me

Author  Tahereh Mafi
Series  Shatter Me
Date Released  15 November 2011
Rating ★★★☆☆

So, I’ve been in a teensy little book slump recently for many reasons:
a) one used bookstore near me closed and another got a little burnt last year,
b) the Barnes and Noble near me is closing,
c) I just bought a cello so I’m broke, and
d) I’m finishing up my senior year and there’s been a lot of stuff going on.

However, I did find time to get this book (and the books after it) out from the library because this seemed too good to not read. And that assumption was accurate 🙂

Quick intro: Juliette was born with this power that means that anyone who touches her experiences extreme pain and maybe death, so her parents send her to an insane asylum and forget about her and she’s stuck in solitary confinement with only her journal to keep her company. There’s a war going on outside the asylum and Juliette gets pulled in when she’s given a roomie named Adam and he gets her in trouble. This guy named Warner, who is not in the asylum, is super fascinated by Juliette but she hates him. Anything else I say would just be a spoiler, but I will spoil some of this book when I review the second book, which will happen. Soon.

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