I’ve never been able to hold onto any sort of schedule for my thoughts or my reading, so we’ll see how this goes. I’ve decided to start a blog about books, because even though it’s highly likely no one will read this, at least my ideas are out there.

None of my friends have the same taste in books that I do (nor anywhere near the same appetite for new stories), so the interwebs are my new best bookie friend 🙂

I will read just about anything, I just don’t like when stories are predictable. Surprises are good. My favorite genres, though, are SciFi, Fantasy, YA. I especially like to read the Star Wars books (from before they made the new movies, so rendered uncanon. still slightly bitter, but I understand why they did what they did and I’m getting over it). Favorite authors include Tamora Pierce, Sarah J. Maas, and, just added recently, Tahereh Mafi.

I’m a little goofy sometimes and I tend to get very emotionally invested in characters. Books are my escape so I immerse myself in the characters’ lives. And then sad things happen and I die. But it’s totally worth it.

I like to listen to my now 18-hr, 55-min-long all-over-the-place Spotify playlist while brainstorming, reading, and generally avoiding homework, so feel free to, at any point, recommend songs along with books.

I’ll see y’all on the flip side of Friday! Book reviews to come (starting with some very familiar re-reads).

Hasta luego,
Alena 🙂