I don’t remember not loving to read. I drowned my childhood in stories.

Hi! I’ve read so many books in my life and I haven’t met someone to discuss them with yet (sadly), so I figured I’d share my thoughts with the iNtErWebs to keep them from exploding on unsuspecting bystanders.

Life story:
17 years old, from Baltimore, MD, USA
13 …interesting…years of public school education
2 strange siblings
1 dramatic guinea pig
1 adorable puppy

Figure skater, soccer player, musician (violin, piano, cello, viola), environmentalist (zoo volunteer since summer 2015), total Star Wars geek…

absolute book nerd (duh), but there’s this thing called school (total nerd there too), so I sadly cannot read as much as I’d like to.

Michigan State ’21, Environmental Biology 💚