The Realms of the Gods

Author  Tamora Pierce
Series  The Immortals
Date Released  1 January 1996
Rating ★★★★★

I reviewed Wild Magic, the first book in The Immortals, a few days ago. The Realms of the Gods is the THIRD book in the series, and the reasons I’m skipping Wolf-Speaker for now are a) I don’t own it because b) Realms is my favorite book in the series because Daine is so clueless sometimes that it’s hilarious.

Quick intro: Teenage Veralidaine, who has “wild magic” (she can talk to and heal animals), and her teacher, super-powerful mage Numair, are dragged into the Divine Realms by Daine’s parents (father = hunting god, mother = human turned healer goddess) in the middle of a battle against evil immortals fighting for the goddess of Chaos, which they are losing. After spending some time with Daine’s parents (she’d never met her dad before, and her mother had been killed (as a human) a few years ago), Daine and Numair travel across the Divine Realms, where all the plants and animals are gods, and all are involved in a war against Uusoae, the Queen of Chaos. They acquire some interesting little beastie friends that can spy on their enemies in the Mortal Realms. Daine & Numair go through some changes in their relationship (SPOILER: Daine is so oblivious that Numair has been in love with her for a while, but he’s 11 years older than her so he thought she might think he was weird or something). They get a ride out of the Divine Realms from some dragons because Daine’s been taking care of a baby dragon so they trust her a little bit, and they fight some battles against the evil immortal dudes. I won’t tell you how it ends, but there’s a fourth book…

So, Daine’s like fifteen now, and Numair’s eleven years older than that, but it’s Daine and Numair so totally shipped because they’re both super powerful and quirky and they look after each other.

Again, I would totally recommend reading this series because Tamora Pierce is one of my favorite authors. There’s less of the “down-to-earth” (get it, Daine and Numair are in the Divine Realms) knights and kings and queens, and a lot more interesting exchanges with mysterious powerful beings. I think the book seems a little removed from the rest of the storyline, but the focus on Daine’s relationships with her parents (her reaction to meeting her dad for the first time is just like “Cool, hi.”) and Numair. Goodness gracious, yes, girlie, you are missing something –

“Of all times for him to go protective on me. Maybe he ate something that was bad for him.”

Puzzled, confused – feeling as if she’d glimpsed something important, only to have it vanish – Daine trotted to catch up.

It seemed more like a lover’s token, not a magical device to find an errant student.

.  Pierce actually does a great job crafting the situation and the characters so it is not so hard to believe that Daine didn’t realize Numair’s feelings for her, as her head is usually focused on other people and animals.

I would focus on another subject, but the majority of the book is just Daine and Numair and some creature/god friends. Although my new favorite characters became the darkings – small inky blobs that can learn to talk and form a head and fit in your pocket and like to spy on things.

What I’m trying to say is that this is a pretty cool series, even though I first read it a few years ago, because Tamora Pierce is very good at building characters and relationships between them (there’s a whole Tortall universe containing multiple related quartets with some of the same characters).

Do zavtra,
Alena 🙂

You taught me a woman has to know how to defend herself.”

“Magelet, I thought I’d lost you.”

“There’s a good man and true friends waiting for you at home. That man is a fair strange man, certainly, but he’s a good one.


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