Wild Magic

Author  Tamora Pierce
Series  The Immortals
Date Released  1 December 1992
Rating ★★★★☆

Another favorite author (I’ll throw in a few non-favorites eventually), Tamora Pierce! Okay, so this series was written before I was born, but that doesn’t make me love it any less. Tamora Pierce became one of my favorite authors back in 2011, and I just kind of read and re-read every single book in the Emelan and Tortall universes until I basically had them memorized. Sadly, the editions I was reading from my school’s library became my favorites, but they were really hard to find so I have about half of her books, but maybe not in those editions I loved.

ANYways…Quick intro: Veralidaine Sarrasri, or just Daine, only had her mother and grandfather and her animal friends to keep her company, until bandits attacked and only Daine and her horse survived. Daine has “wild magic” meaning she’s really good with animals. Like, superhero-level good. She gets a job with a horse lady who works with the queen of Tortall (who’s pretty cool herself) and nurses this hawk back to health and it turns out to not be a hawk, but this kinda weird mage dude named Numair who’s super powerful and wants to teach Daine some interesting magicky stuff. They all travel to Tortall and help with the military “irregular” trainees (the Queen’s Riders, let girls & boys join, hunt bandits). Of course, there’s a problem when all these immortal monster things start getting out of the Divine Realms where they had been trapped for a few centuries and they cause some trouble. Daine turns out to be a big help and makes a lot of new friends, human and animal alike.

So, obviously, as Tamora Pierce is one of my favorite authors, I’m going to recommend this series. I read it in seventh grade, so I might not think to pick it up if seeing it for the first time now, but magic and knights and royal people and long trips = pretty cool.

Wild Magic is the first book in The Immortals quartet (Pierce has a thing for quartets), and it starts out Daine’s journey to find out more about herself and her powers. Daine has an “interesting way” of looking at the world (no one she meets in Tortall acts like they’re supposed to, and she likes “People” (animals) more than “two-leggers”. And Numair is the most powerful mage, like, in the world, but he’s really quirky and likes to read books and talk about weird things like hair ties.

I’m finding it difficult to review a book that I read for the first time so long ago, but I think Wild Magic deserves a review for its lovable characters and the way Pierce portrays knights and kings and queens without making them stereotypical noble snobby people or flawless heroes, but people that like to get their hands dirty and Daine, a homeless orphan from another country, can befriend.

À toute à l’heure,
Alena 🙂

“…here life’s what you make of it. Who you used to be doesn’t matter.”

“Do people have visions when they think they’re dead?”
His control vanished. “I don’t know! I’ve never tried it!”

“Does anyone in this land act like they’re supposed to?”


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